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B.D. Lenz Packs New Album with Firsts

"Hit It and Quit features Will Lee, Joel Rosenblatt, and Nick Rolfe"

"Part of the reason for his accessibility is that he not only fuses

jazz and rock, he complements it with warm chords of funk,

soul, and rhythm and blues." - New York Times

"(Straight Up) damn near perfect that it makes a listener want to

head straight up there in a pilgrimage to quality." - Jazz Improv


Album Cover,   B.D. & Guitar 1,   B.D. & Guitar 2


What:  New CD release "Hit It and Quit" by B.D. Lenz featuring Will Lee, Joel Rosenblatt, and Nick Rolfe

When:  Wednesday, June 10, 2009, 8:30 pm and 10:30 p.m.

Where:  Iridium Jazz Club, 1650 Broadway (51st Street), New York, NY  10019

Cost:  $25 + tax

How:  Call (212) 582-2121 or (908) 887-7196 to reserve, or buy online at Ticketweb.

INFO:  For booking and publicity contact Dawn DeBlaze of DeBlaze & Associates at 314.766.JAZZ (5299) or email:  Visit for additional information.

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Hackettstown, NJ, USA - February 24, 2009 Contemporary jazz guitarist and composer B.D. Lenz comes into his own with a new album, Hit It and Quit -- reaching new heights not only with his performance but with his writing as well.  B.D. Lenz will release his sixth CD featuring an award-winning rhythm section.  Taking a departure from past recordings, Lenz plays only one song with his working band, while recording the rest of the album with The Late Show's bassist Will Lee, world-renowned drummer Joel Rosenblatt, and musician/actor Nick Rolfe.

His fourth project with Apria Records, Lenz said the record was originally started with drummer, Joel Rosenblatt in mind, "making me write in a different way."  Never playing with Lee and Rosenblatt until they met at world-class recording studio, Cove City Sound Studios, was a first for B.D.  Of their sessions he says, "They were total pros...absolutely inspiring...and after a few takes completely nailed it."

The track, H-Town, brings another first to the composer side of Lenz making his initial attempt at writing for and featuring a horn section.  "It adds a different color to my music...something I haven't done before," says Lenz.  Lenz also plays his first-ever solo guitar tune in Truth is a Temple, calling it, "impressionistic."

Something for Everyone

From novice listener to jazz aficionado, this record calls out to every listener in fresh, vibrant and colorful ways.  Creating rich emotional textures using smooth jazz, contemporary jazz, funk and fusion, rock and blues.  Hit It and Quit strikes an ideal balance between straight ahead to heavily-arranged jazz.  Lenz' layering of sound also allows you to discover something new each time you listen. The title track, Hit It and Quit, is a "good barometer" of where the CD is at -- "melodic, funky and fun."

About the Artist

Mix together the styles of Pat Metheny, Mike Stern, and Stevie Ray Vaughn and you have the recipe for one of the hottest new contempo-jazz guitarists on the scene today.  Since his early teens, B.D. Lenz has played guitar and studied with such greats as Mike Stern, Vic Juris, and Charlie Banacos along the way.  With music featured in over 70 TV shows internationally, the Godin-endorsed guitarist has performed 1,000 shows throughout the U.S. and U.K., keeping the audience on their feet whether playing jazz, fusion, or jam.


B.D. Lenz (guitar / programming), Nick Rolfe (piano), Will Lee (bass), Joel Rosenblatt (drums), Geoff Mattoon (tenor/soprano sax), James Rosocha (bass on No Regrets), Tom Cottone (drums on No Regrets), Ed Alstrom (piano on No Regrets).

Horn Section on H-Town

Woody Witt (tenor saxophone), Thomas Hulten (trombone), Eddie Lewis (trumpet and flugelhorn).

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