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 Leslie Maclean Trio Debuts National CD at Bistro
"Surprise Appearance by Nationally Recognized Guest Vocalist"


St. Louis, September 15, 2004 - Chicago born musician Leslie Maclean began performing her crowd pleasing mix of jazz standards, American Songbook selections, and original compositions here in St. Louis after a 20-year stint in her home town. Her trio's first CD, Lucky Day, "no longer reflected where we were," Maclean said, and "it's still changing." After a colleague asked Maclean for a 12-bar blues tune with atypical chord changes, she wrote a minor blues with a change taking place in almost every bar. That same song became the title track of her new CD, That's Time Enough. Leslie laughed, "It's 'thick with changes', as Miles Davis would say." Reflective of her broad range of classical and jazz influences, Maclean packs her new release with a variety of tricks and treats.

Maclean's Recipe for Success: Contrasts
The medley, To Oz? To Oz! features four arrangements of Maclean's that are quickly becoming a hit with local radio and club listeners. Somewhere Over the Rainbow begins slow, cool, and beautiful, and then picks up the pace with hip, underlying riffs in 5/4 time ala Dave Brubeck's Take 5. Leslie began the arrangement a long time ago with that particular rhythm in mind. The melody becomes more angular, but remains as beautiful as ever. "It gave the melody a different world in which to exist, much like Oz itself," Maclean said. Be prepared for a musical adventure, as We're Off to See the Wizard takes you on a surprise journey. Disguised in a minor key versus a major key, it awakens your curiosity. Percussionist Jerry Pollock kicks off If I Only Had a Brain with a driving funky rock rhythm. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead presents itself with a bebop-style head and a lyrical beginning. Maclean reveals her extensive classical training by using various forms of musical contrast to create high drama. "It's all about how you touch the keyboard. You don't hear as much variety in dynamics in jazz and contemporary music as there is to explore and exploit. Also, I try to bring out the resonance and enhance the singing quality of the piano as much as possible," she said.

Other highlights include:   A Night in Tunisia, A Child is Born, Billie's Bounce, Poinciana, I Loves You, Porgy, Chichèn-Itzà, and Roll in the Hay. Chichèn-Itzà with its Latin rhythm and Roll in the Hay were also composed by Maclean. The latter is a playful combination of a little country, a little jazz, and a little rock-n-roll that was influenced by an Oliver Nelson tune entitled Hoe Down. Maclean admits, "Roll in the Hay is a little risqué."

Something for Everyone
Novice listeners will be swept away by the Trio's beautiful playing and by the comfortable, familiar melodies that soothe the soul. Ears of advanced listeners will awaken when hearing the tricky changes of That's Time Enough, and quick keystrokes of Ding Dong the Witch is Dead. "Difficulty can be just as much conceptual as it is technical. And, tempo is always a key factor in creating the right mood " Leslie noted.

On That's Time Enough, Maclean partners with two impressive musicians: Bob Bowman on bass, and Maclean's husband Jerry Pollock on percussion. Maclean admires Bob Bowman for his musicality, imagination and identifiable style. "He understood the arrangements right away. I would love to kidnap him from Karrin Allyson," Leslie said. Pollock, also the Trio's Business Manager, auditioned for his job over 28 years ago. "Jerry's playing adds tremendous musical excite-ment. He really pays attention and listens to the music. I've never found another drummer that can come close to what Jerry can do with fills and transitions," Maclean said. That's Time Enough was produced by Leslie Maclean and Jerry Pollock for the KippieJosh Jazz label, a division of LMT Enterprises, LLC. All arrangements were written by Leslie Maclean.

Ross Gentile from WSIE's 88.7 FM jazz station will emcee the CD Release Concert on Sunday, October 10th, which will begin with a generous dinner package at 5:00 p.m., followed by two 45-minute sets at 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Trio artists include Leslie Maclean on piano, Carl Caspersen on bass, Jerry Pollock on percussion, and a surprise appearance by a nationally recognized guest vocalist! Choose from eight (8) different, delicious Bistro entrée's, one (1) non-alcoholic beverage, plus receive the That's Time Enough CD and two (2) hours of entertainment for $28.

CD's will be autographed, gift wrapped (2 or more) and specially priced at $10 each. Concert tickets only are $5 per person, and are available on a first come, first served basis. To purchase tickets, call (636) 405-3064 or (314) 583-9832. For more information about the Leslie Maclean Trio and its CD Release Concert, visit
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